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MILF83142A NOTICE5, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: FORGING, TITANIUM ALLOYS, PREMIUM QUALITY 15MAY2006S/S BY SAEAMS4931, SAEAMS4965, AND SAEAMST9047., MILF83142AUSAF, dated 1 December 1969, is hereby canceled. Future acquisitions for this item may refer to: Society of Automotive Engineers SAE Aerospace Materials Specifications AMS: SAEAMS4931 Titanium Alloy Bars, Forgings.

MIL MILF83142A Techstreet

1 file , 540 KB Amendments, rulings, supplements, and errata. MIL MILF83142A Notice 5 Cancellation. May 2006 FORGING, TITANIUM ALLOYS, PREMIUM QUALITY SUPERSEDING MILF83142 SUPERSEING SAEAMS4931, SAEAMS4965 AND SAEAMST9047

Different Grades of Titanium and Titanium Based Alloys

AMS 4919, AMS 4975, AMS 4952, DIN 3.7164, GE B50TF21, GE B50 TF22, GE B50TF22, MIL F83142, GE C50TF7, MIL T9046, MIL T9047, UNS R54620, PWA 1220. Forms Available. Bar, Sheet , Plate. Titanium 6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo Titanium 6242. Titanium 6Al6V2Sn is an Alpha Beta twophase alloy. It is often used in aged, annealed, or solution treated.

811 Titanium Material Datasheet

Titanium 811 is a near alpha alloy with aluminum being the alpha stabilizer and the additions of Mo, V and Fe, which result in a small amount of beta formation. Ti 811 can provide creep resistance at operating temperatures up to 450C 842F. Ti 811 has the highest modulus and lowest density of all Ti alloys.

Titanium alloys according to the SAE / AMS index

ams no. designation product form

NSN Parts by Boeing Company, The: 74J418000101, 74J418000Y.

Material Document and Classification: MILF83142, comp 6, cond a mil spec single material response inner member ST0160LB0013, fscm 43999 mfr ref single material response outer race member kahrlon, fscm 97613 mil std single material response race liner: 43999

C50TF57 Manufacturing and delivering metals. RedMetSplav.

Brand type: C50TF57 Range: Rod, wire, ring, forging, shaft, sheet, strip, band, tape, pipe, offsets and flanges, various wares of industrial use on demand of a customer

64 Titanium ELI Material Datasheet

64 Titanium ELI Material Datasheet. Titanium 6Al4V ELI Grade 23 is very similar to Titanium 6Al4V Grade 5, except that the 6Al4V ELI grade contains reduced levels of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and iron. ELI is short for Extra Low Interstitials and these lower interstitials provide improved ductility and better fracture toughness.

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